Welcome to my new series on how to use the Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone. Each control will gets its own page containing a tutorial and sample code to help get you started. The controls are a set of very powerful and flexible components that give your  Windows Phone application professional and polished appearance.

This series will guide you from simple use scenarios to advanced component customization. Below is a list of the WP7 controls, as I create the tutorial, the hyperlink will replace the text.

Choose a control you would like to learn about:

Coming soon

  • Animation Framework
  • AutoCompleteBox
  • BulletGraph
  • BusyIndicator
  • Calendar
  • Chart
  • ContextMenu
  • ConversationView
  • DataBoundListBox
  • DataForm
  • DateSelector
  • Diagnostics
  • DockPanel
  • ExpanderControl
  • Gauge
  • HubTile
  • ImageButton
  • InputPrompt
  • JumpList
  • LayoutTransformControl
  • ListPicker
  • LiveTileHelper
  • LoopingList
  • MessageBox
  • NumericUpDown
  • Pagination
  • PanAndZoomImage
  • PhoneApplicationFrame
  • PickerBox
  • RateApplicationReminder
  • Rating
  • SlideView
  • TextBox
  • TimePicker
  • TimeSelector
  • TimeSpanPicker
  • ToggleSwitch
  • ToolTip
  • TransitionControl
  • TrialReminders
  • UniformGrid
  • Window
  • WrapPanel

If you have a comment, leave it below. If you have a question, email me directly.

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