Please Read Carefully

Please take 5 minutes and review this page so that you will not make a mistake and lose your free Nokia Lumia due to a misunderstanding or a mistake. It can take up to up to 7 days to complete everything. If you wait until a couple days before the deadline, you will miss the deadline to get a free Nokia Lumia.

1) Redeem your DevCenter token

I went into detail on how to redeem a Nokia token in this post (the code on the back of your name badge). Once you have redeemed the token, you’ll end up with a Windows Phone DevCenter account. Go to step 2.

(note: If your app is done, publish it to DevCenter now, You can continue the steps here while your app passes certification )

2) Link your DevCenter Account with your DVLUP account

Do this as soon as possible, verifying your account takes up to 7 days and you cannot complete a challenge until it is done. Linking your DevCenter to your DVLUP profile is how your apps appear in your apps list (for example, here is mine). It is very important that you do not misspell this information, instead copy/paste it in. A misspelling will cause at least a 7 day delay in getting your accounts linked.

  1. Load your DevCenter Account summary page in a new browser tab
  2. Load your DVLUP “update profile page” and complete the DevCenter Information section

Once your info is verified (takes up to 7 days), go on to step 3 and/or 4. Remember, until the accounts are synced you will not be able complete the quiz or submit an app to any challenge.

3a) Complete the Attendee Quiz

For those of you who were not able to complete the quiz during DVLUP Day, it was because your DVLUP and DevCenter accounts were not linked yet. Now that they are linked, you can complete the quiz.

Your special quiz link is included in the email that was sent to you after the event. If you attended DVLUP Day Chicago, the answer to the question #3 is “Hands holding planet earth“.

Here is how to complete a quiz:

  1. Sign into DVLUP.com
  2. Load the quiz link in a browser tab
  3. Click the button that say “Start Quiz”
  4. Answer each question carefully (you cannot undo an answer)
  5. Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll get 50 XP (see this on your feed page)

Completing the quiz verifies that you were present at the event which make you eligible to get the free phone.

3b) Complete the DVLUP challenge to get your free Nokia Lumia

Before submitting your app to be published, make sure you are fulfilling the challenge requirements, many people are failing because they did not include the wide tile size or have an animated live tile (Tip: Use the “Flip Tile” template if you’re not sure about yours.). Email me if you have any questions or if you want me to test your app.

Once your app is published to the store, the last step to get your phone is to complete one of the two special DVLUP Challenges for DVLUP Day.

Here is how to complete a DVLUP challenge:

  1. Make sure your app appears in the Apps Page on your DVLUP account. Note: It can take up to 24 hours after your app is published to appear, if it isn’t there after 24 hours, you can manually sync by clicking “Update apps”.
  2. Load the appropriate challenge into your web browser, two challenge links were sent to you in an email. Note: If your app does not appear in the list of apps to submit, you may have to check back the following day. It can take a couple days for the app to propagate to the Store servers if there is a weekend or holiday. If it has been 72 hours, contact support@dvlup.com )
  3. Scroll to the bottom, locate and click the “Choose App To Submit” button
  4. You will see a list of eligible apps appear, select the appropriate one and submit it.

Congratulations, you have completed your DVLUP Day journey. Great job!

Waiting is the hardest part

Now all there is left is for the testers to check to see if you met the minimum requirements for the challenge you submitted the app to. Once you’ve passed, you’ll be notified in your DVLUP notification thread. You’ll get a follow up email with your award within a few weeks.






If you have a comment, leave it below. If you have a question, email me directly.

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