Redeeming a Token

If you received a Nokia Developer Offers token, DevCenter token or DVLUP token, it can be a little confusing to redeem it. There are a few steps and three websites to deal with. This page should clear up the process and should be read before using the token.

Please follow this carefully, there is no “undo”

Step One: Create the necessary accounts

You will need each of these accounts, go to the links and register for the ones you don’t have yet.

Microsoft Account

If you don’t have a Microsoft Account, create one now. This account will be used for everything you do as a Windows Phone developer. It is mandatory.

DVLUP Account is the main site that you will be interacting with. It is where you will be finally redeeming rewards code that pay for DevCenter coupons, Phones, and much more. If the token you received has in it, you need to first redeem it at Nokia Developer. Continue below to register. If it does not have a website in it, you can skip to Step Two.

NOTE: If you are registering an account for a child under 18, do not create a DVLUP account with an age restricted Microsoft account. go create a new MS Account with your birthdate and use that one instead.

Nokia Developer Account (If you are using IE11 and get automatically logged out, it’s a bug. switch to Google Chrome)

Go here to register, I recommend using your Microsoft Account, but you could use Facebook or email if you want to. This is the account that you will use to redeem your Nokia Developer token.

Once you have all your accounts ready, you can move to the next step of redeeming the token.

Step Two: Redeem Token

Now that you have your accounts taken care of, you can redeem your token. There are two types of tokens, a Dvlup Rewards token and a Nokia Developer token. Determine which type yours by reading below and follow the instructions:

If your token looks like this:

You have a Nokia Developer Offers token.

Go to and sign in, then watch my 2 minute below from the beginning

If your token looks like this:   “cd213b4b-db2b-41c4-534e-6d3af50c6a61”

You have a DVLUP Rewards token. Watch the video below starting at 1:21 mark.

[NOTE: If this is your first time on you will be brought to Step 2 instead of Step 3 in the video. If this happens to you, choose “create new” company profile. After finishing that, you’ll be brought to Step 3]

IMPORTANT: There was an update to DVLUP that will display your DevCenter coupon when you are done with the check-out page. If you don’t see it there, then you will get it in your DVLUP Messages. Keep an eye on your DVLUP Messages tab for any important communication regarding your DVLUP reward orders.


Step 3: Using your DevCenter coupon

Now that you’ve done all the redeeming and got your DevCenter coupon from DVLUP, you can use it to pay for your developer account. follow these steps:

  1. Go to Windows Phone DevCenter and sign in with your Microsoft Account (top right)
  2. Click the Dashboard tab
  3. Since you do not have a DevCenter account yet, you’ll see an introduction and some instructions to join.
  4. Click the button to start registration.
  5. Fill out the information, here are some notes about registration:
    1. Publisher Name is what the world will see in the store, think of something good/unique.
    2. At one point in the registration, you’ll be asked for a credit card number, this is to confirm your age.
    3. If the Microsoft Account of the person signed in an age restricted/family managed account… stop now. You cannot create a DevCenter with that Microsoft Account. Go create a new one without an age restriction and start over.
  6. When you reach the payment page, you will see a “Use a code” option. Select that and use the coupon you got from DVLUP.

After you’re done with the process, you now have a valid DevCenter account and upload apps to the global Windows Phone Store!

One last note: If I gave you the Token, please email me the following information from your Account Overview page:

  • Publisher Name
  • Publisher GUID

Congratulations, now start publishing some apps 😀

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