Starbucks Locator

Latte Locator 2.0 and has been renamed to Starbucks Locator. There have been some major changes under the covers to the Windows Phone 8.0 app in preparation for becoming a Universal app. Public facing changes include:

Here’s a look at some of the main views:

Two Point Oh MyI lightened up the UI, added more green, changed the FontFamily and the type ramp. Additionally the store details page is no longer a bland grid layout, instead it has a nice parallax effect and an interactive map!

The best way to see the new changes is to experience it yourself, feel the new “Fast and Fluid”. Click the button below to download Starbucks Locator for free:


Recent change log:
2.1.1 (quick fixes, credited those who reported bug)
-Issue with “Nickname already exists” on edit page (credit M.G.)
-Appbar button icon not immediately updating after unpinning a card
-Crash when tapping “add new card” immediately after viewing a card (credit C.L.)
-Issue with launching a pinned card (credit N.K.)
-Full password protection (multi-character, 24 length max)
-Data Compression support (uses much less bandwidth per search)
-Zoomed in view for barcode
-33% smaller! Reduced app size to 2.3MB.
-Added Delete context menu for the Cards list
-New logarithms to detect invalid characters in the card number. This prevents breaking barcode generation and bad scans at the store.
-Fixed an issue where tapping a map pin loaded bad data into the old details page.
-Fixed a problem loading the map in some countries where all the store have the same name
-numerous tweaks
– Added Starbucks card support
– More modern, lighter UI design
– New Parallax UI for Store details
– Bug fixes and some performance improvements


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